Play Therapy

Play Therapy is an innovative, child-centered approach to the therapy process. It is based on the concept that children may find it easier to communicate their anxieties, fears, and other emotional experiences through toys, rather than talk.

Our Play Therapy room provides a wide variety of carefully selected toys, games, puppets, and art supplies, as well as a sand tray. The therapist allows children to select toys and direct how they want to play, and close attention is paid to the child's specific choice of activities and display of feelings. During some sessions, the therapist engages in play with the child, and through this interaction, children often find it easier to express themselves more openly than they might in traditional talk-therapy modes.

During Play Therapy children are free to express their feelings, explore themselves and their relationships, and attempt to understand their experiences. Through this natural language of learning and interacting, children identify and master basic physical, social, emotional, and intellectual skills and concepts. Play Therapy also is an effective way to help children dealing with stress related to divorce, hospitalization, chronic illness, physical/sexual abuse, domestic violence, natural disasters (e.g., fire, earthquake), death, and accidents.

Parents play an important role in the Play Therapy process by realizing that children must feel free to express themselves in the Play Therapy environment without concern that what they say during play will be reported to others. The therapist may share general impressions or even pertinent information derived from the sessions, but children need to know that it is a “safe” environment in which no thoughts or expressions are off limits or will lead to repercussions.

The therapist may include parents in play therapy exercises, at the child’s request or if the therapist believes parental participation will promote a better outcome. Such participation provides a comfortable environment during which parents can learn more about their child, ways to support the child, and how to communicate with the child through play.

Through the power of Play Therapy, children can increase their feelings of self-worth and self-acceptance by engaging in enjoyable, natural activities alongside a caring, unbiased adult. They can work through conflicts and issues while exploring feelings and behaviors that derive from past events.  Play Therapy offers a child a safe and efficient way to address issues in their own lives.

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