Psychological Evaluations

Parents who suspect their child is having a particular difficulty (Dyslexia, ADHD, etc.) frequently request testing to discover whether that condition exists. We understand the desire for quick answers and solutions.

Our doctors believe that approaching an evaluation through a limited view will be a disservice to the child. Instead, our practice philosophy is to look at the “whole child.” Through comprehensive evaluation, many previously unsuspected difficulties can be discovered, leading to a more thorough, precise diagnosis and treatment plan.

The evaluation begins with parents and teachers completing questionnaires that assess a child’s day-to-day functioning. Parents also complete a thorough background information form and provide copies of previous assessment reports (psychological evaluations, occupational, physical, and speech-language evaluations, etc.), related medical reports, recent report cards, teacher comments, and other pertinent school records.

Once we receive the completed forms, we can proceed with the appointments included in the psychological evaluation: a parent intake, three to four testing sessions (depending on the child’s needs), and a parent feedback.

At the parent feedback, the doctor explains the tests given, discusses pertinent scores, interprets the information, provides any applicable diagnoses, and outlines strategies to help your child reach full potential. If further assistance is needed – a speech-language evaluation, tutoring support, etc. – the doctor can provide referrals.

Approximately three to six weeks after the feedback, you will receive a written report. This report, usually 20 to 30 pages long, includes comprehensive test results, the doctor’s observations and clinical summary, diagnosis codes (if applicable), and recommendations.

Our practice does not participate in any insurance plans, and our doctors generally are considered “out-of-network providers.” We do not handle insurance, but upon request, we can supply information you will need to discuss possible coverage with your insurer. 

For more information please contact Lisa Hudson, Testing Coordinator


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